Privacy Policy
The Kennected website, extension, app, or any public facing piece of technology shall be referred to collectively as the “Platform”.

Extension Permissions:

For our extension to perform the desired work we ask for following permissions:

“background” : So that we can run the extension in the background.
“tabs” : To communicate between the background and content scripts, basically informing user on what exactly is tool is working in background via logs.
“storage”: To store progress data.
“notifications” : To show notifications and to make sure only login is allowed at a time.
“cookies”: To work in background without any user feedback.

Identifying Information While using the Platform we may collect your name, email, address, telephone number, company name and address, organization information, and other identifying details. We may also collect payment information that you make available to us for your use of the Platform. Please be aware that this payment information shall be stored by third party payment processors. To fully make use of the Platform we may collect personally identifiable information, including: your name, username, password (not in human readable format), login information, and contact information. We may also collect this information your personal information that you make available to us from third parties for use of the Platform. Non-Identifying Information Whenever you use our Site or Platform, we may collect non-identifying information from you, such as your IP address, interactions with the Site and Platform, query information, location information, pricing data, research history, location and GPS information, referring URL, browser, application interaction, mobile provider information, operating system, data usage, data transferred, and Internet Service Provider. Use of information This section explains how we plan on using your information submitted by us. In order to use our Platform or Site, you agree that we may use your personally identifiable information:

To enhance or improve your user experience.
To improve the Site and Platform.
To email you newsletters and marketing as required.
To understand how you communicate and use our Platform or Site.
To contact and correspond with you and to respond to your inquiries.
To quickly process your transactions.
To ask for ratings and reviews of services or products
To have follow-up correspondence (live chat, email, voice, screen share)
Accessing, Editing, and Removing Your Information If you have submitted information to our Site you will be unable to edit that information. When using our Platform you may be able to access and edit your information via the Platform dashboard. However, you will be unable to opt out of any of our data collection practices via the Site or Platform. If at any time, you have any questions or wish to review, change, or delete any of your information collected by us, please contact us at Additionally, if you would like us to permanently remove any accessible copies of your information, please contact us at After you have cancelled your account please be aware that we may keep inaccessible copies of your information for a commercially reasonable period of time.

Cookies and Other Tracking Our current Site uses cookies to track your preferences, your cart, and to remember your logins. You may disable cookies via your browser settings; however, disabling cookies may result in undesired performance when accessing the Site. 

Third Party Access to Your Information Although you are entering into an Agreement with Kennected to disclose your information to us, we do use third party individuals and organizations to assist us, including contractors, web hosts, and others to allow you to access the Site and Platform. Throughout the course of our provision of our services to you, we may delegate our authority to collect, access, use, and disseminate your information. It is therefore necessary that you grant the third parties we may use in the course of our business the same rights that you afford us under this Privacy Policy. For this reason, you hereby agree that for every authorization which you grant to us in this Privacy Policy, you also grant to any third party that we may hire, contract, or otherwise retain the services of for the purpose of operating, maintaining, repairing, or otherwise improving or preserving our Platform or its underlying files or systems. You agree not to hold us liable for the actions of any of these third parties, even if we would normally be held vicariously liable for their actions, and that you must take legal action against them directly should they commit any tort or other actionable wrong against you. Commercial, Non-Commercial Communications and Do Not Track If you decide to provide us with your contact information, you agree that we may send you communications via text and email. However, you may unsubscribe from certain communications by notifying Kennected that you no longer wish to receive these communications, we will endeavor to promptly remove you from our notification listings once we have received that request. We currently do not offer website functionality for you to opt out of any “do not track” listings. If you wish to opt out of certain communications or information collection, please contact us at Third Parties Kennected may post links to third party websites on our Site, which may include information that we have no control over. When accessing a third-party site through our Site or Platform, you acknowledge that you are aware that these third-party websites are not screened for privacy or security issues by us, and you release us from any liability for the conduct of these third-party websites. Please be aware that this Privacy Policy, and any other policies in place, in addition to any amendments, does not create rights enforceable by third parties. Kennected bears no responsibility for the information collected or used by any advertiser or third-party website. You must review their Terms of Service and Privacy to understand how their information collection practices work. Security Measures We make reasonable attempts to protect your information by using physical and electronic safeguards. However, as our Platform and Site are hosted electronically we can make no guarantees as to the security or privacy of your information. For this reason, we recommend that you use anti-virus software, routine credit checks, firewalls, and other precautions to protect yourself from security and privacy threats. Age Compliance We intend to fully comply with international laws respecting children’s privacy. Therefore, we do not collect or process any information for any persons under the age of 18. If you are under 18 please do not access the Platform or Site. International Transfer Your information may be transferred to – and maintained on – computers located outside of your state, province, country, or other governmental jurisdiction where the privacy laws may not be as protective as those in your jurisdiction. We may transfer personal information to the US or elsewhere 

and process it there. Your consent to this Privacy Policy followed by your submission of such information represents your agreement to that transfer.


The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is the most comprehensive change to EU data privacy law in decades. It will take effect from the 25th May 2018. The Kennected team is working hard to ensure our full compliance by this date. What is the GDPR? The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) ({b5eeae66aee41f47286c984cb183be06d789a7e12bdaa31516d8e5a942974408}3A32016R0679) is a regulation in EU law on data protection and privacy for all individuals within the European Union. For EUR residents, the regulation aims to increase their control over their personal data. For businesses, the GDPR becomes a unifying regulation across the EU. Once the GDPR takes effect on the 25th of May, it will replace the 1995 Data Protection Directive.

The GDPR regulation applies to any EU residents’ data, regardless of where the processor or controller is located. This means that if you’re using Kennected from the US to reach out to other US corporations, the regulation doesn’t affect you. But if some of your customers or leads are in the EU, you should pay attention to it. In practice, most companies need to take the GDPR into consideration. How Kennected is complying with the GDPR Even though the GDPR only applies to data from EU residents, we took the decision to apply broadly the requirement of the regulation. This means we don’t restrict any privacy related feature based on the geographical location of a data subject. Here are some of the actions we’ve taken to ensure we’re compliant: Security We’re taking the security of the data we manage very seriously.

The Kennected servers are physically secure and may only be accessed by Kennected’s technical or support personnel whose jobs specifically relate to maintaining the integrity of the Kennected servers or supporting product-related functions. Such individuals are required to maintain the security of the servers and the confidentiality of the information contained in the servers. Kennected takes all reasonable and appropriate steps to protect your personal information, including encrypting such information, maintaining readily accessible steps to limit access, working to detect unauthorized access, and not storing such information any longer than we need to.

Our privacy team has analyzed the requirements of the GDPR and is working to enhance our policies, procedures, contracts and platform features to ensure we comply with the GDPR and enable compliance for our customers.

Your data is protected between you and our systems. We take multiple steps to prevent eavesdropping between you and our systems, as well as within our infrastructure. All network traffic runs over SSL/HTTPS, the most common and trusted communications protocol on the Internet. Internal infrastructure is isolated using strict firewalls and network access lists. Each system is designated to a firewall security group by its function. By default, all access is denied and only explicitly allowed ports are exposed.

If we see something, we’ll react quickly and remedy the issue. We’re not resting on our laurels. We’re always looking for potential system interruptions. If we do find something out of place, we’ll address the issue in a manner that it won’t be an issue in the future. We’ve invested in ensuring we can detect and respond to security events and incidents that impact its infrastructure.

We’re relentlessly updating our systems to protect your data. Our virtual systems are replaced on a regular basis with new, patched systems. System configuration and consistency are maintained using a combination of configuration management, up-to-date images and continuous deployment. Through continuous deployment, existing systems are decommissioned and replaced by up-to-date images at a regular interval. Only people who need access, get access. Production system access is limited to key members of the Kennected engineering team and passwords are expressly forbidden. At a minimum, authentication requires two factors including asymmetric RSA public/private keys and a time-based crypto token.

Don’t just take our word that our systems are secure. We don’t. Even though we’ve designed secure systems and procedures, we regularly perform security tests to identify and remediate potential vulnerabilities. We also conduct periodic penetration tests with expert third-party vendors to help keep our applications safe and secure. These tests cover network, server, database and in-depth testing for vulnerabilities inside Kennected applications.

We prevent single points of failure. Even if there is an interruption to one system, the rest of our services stay up and secure. We physically separate the database instances from application servers and heartily believe in the mantra of single-function servers. All login pages pass data via SSL/TLS for public and private networks, and only support certificates signed by well-known Certificate Authorities (CAs). All email and CRM credential related data are encrypted while in transit as well as at rest using military-grade encryption to ensure the security of user IDs and passwords. Kennected application passwords are hashed and even our own staff can’t retrieve them. If lost the password must be reset.

You can learn more about this topic on our Terms & Privacy Policy page.

Log retention:

To improve, debug or prevent fraud on the service, we keep a variety of logs. We now make sure logs are destroyed at most 3 months after their collection date. We never use those logs of anything else than monitoring Data portability: The GDPR gives the right to any user to download any data that he provides to a service. This allows for easier migration to other services. We think this is a great idea and Kennected has always made it possible for users to download their data.

Systematic pseudonymisation of non-public data Our applications heavily pseudonymised data to ensure the privacy of data subjects. Any attributes that doesn’t need to remain in its original form is truncated to remove any possibility to be linked back to a specific data subject.

Right of erasure Because we deal with publicly available web data, information removed from a website are also removed from our database. But if a data subject wishes to speed up the removal of any in our index, we offer 

simple an efficient way to claim email addresses. It is then possible to either update the data or entirely remove it.

Merger and Acquisition In the event that the Kennected is involved in a bankruptcy, merger, acquisition, reorganization or sale of assets, your information may be sold or transferred as part of that transaction. Please be aware that once the information is transferred your privacy rights may change. Like our Terms of Service, we may amend this Privacy Policy from time to time. When we amend this Privacy Policy, we will modify the date listed on this Agreement or we may contact you. You must agree to the amendments as a condition of your continued use of our Site and Platform. If you do not agree, you must immediately cease using our Site and Platform and notify us of your refusal to agree by emailing us at

Effective date This Privacy Policy was last updated September 16, 2019.